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Snowballs™ Babies

Over the past year three couples have written to us – baby photos attached – to thank male fertilityus for helping them to get pregnant, and there are surely many more out there. The days we get these emails are the best days in our year, and we celebrate by clocking out early and breaking open the champagne or beer, then tossing around baby name suggestions for the better part of the afternoon. Nothing makes us happier. Here’s an excerpt of one of those emails:

“I am so grateful to Snowballs™, which contributed to me being able to naturally conceive a baby we are expecting next November. I am sharing my experience in my blog, Naturally Fathering, which includes a couple of references and links to Snowballs™. Keep up the good work!”

Every week we come across a new ecstatic post on a fertility forum. Our crazy idea is actually working for people!

“My husband has been using Snowballs™ for a month and a half, and his sperm count per ml has almost doubled from 4.5 million to 8 million. His motility and morphology have also improved, and our urologist thinks Snowballs™ are likely making the difference.” - Judy C., Vancouver

Have your own Snowballs™ success story? Please let us know! The champagne’s on ice, and we’ve got a lot of baby name ideas.

Experimental Proof (beyond our wildest dreams)

Recently we found an unbiased guinea pig (we have no idea whether there are biased guinea pigs): Greg Sommer, the C.E.O. of Sandstone Diagnostics, who have created a male fertility tracker called Trak. We wanted proof (or not) of the effectiveness of Snowballs™, the Greg had actually built technology that could give us proof (or not).

The experiment lasted three months. Greg iced with Snowballs™ a few hours a day, five days a week. Past experience (including our own) made us pretty confident that his sperm count would improve, but we were genuinely floored by his results: his sperm count improved 78%! That’s just incredible, and Greg and his wife are now expecting another child, which of course set off another afternoon celebration.

Greg wrote up his experience in a wonderful, funny, human article that we highly recommend if you care anything about fertility, general men’s health, or parenthood. It’s refreshing because he’s not trying to sell you anything, or convince you of anything. He’s just writing in a very entertaining way about his own experiences, and his foibles as a man. Bonus fashion plug:

“Just so you know, this is by far the sexiest pair of underwear I’ve ever owned. My wife approves and likes to call them my ‘tighty grays’.”

After reading about his experience, join our newsletter and get 10% off your own pack of “tighty grays”. They’re…sexy!

Snowballs™ Relief

“After my vasectomy my doctor said I should ice the area. My job requires me to be on my feet a lot, so I bought a pack of Snowballs and got healed up pretty quick.” - Juan R., Orlando

Urologists used to recommend icing with a bag of peas after a vasectomy, which sounds more like some inadvisable medical remedy from the 18th century, like leeches or heroin cough syrup. How was it possible that doctors were still asking men to apply frozen vegetables to their scrotums? Well, increasingly, they’re not anymore. A network of urologists across the U.S. are now recommending Snowballs as an easier, more comfortable, more convenient way to ice. Ask yours for more information, and check out our Vasectomy page for additional tips.

Testosterone Booster

“They fit great, they feel great, and when I slip in an ice pack before a weight session, my body feels sharper and I can push further. Still experimenting, but I think those Russian lifters were right about icing, and I love my new Snowballs!” - Rich J., Dallas

We created Snowballs for fertility, but we tested it for testosterone too, again with an unbiased guinea pig. And it turns out that if you lower the temperature of your testicles, you also optimize the production of natural testosterone.

We asked Mark Wilson, celebrated blogger and Low-T expert to test Snowballs. His results blew us away:

“I believe this is one of those rare things that virtually Every Single One of you should be doing…. Because if you can drop your testicular temp by a mere one degree Celsius, you’re going to produce more T and more semen.

And if you do this on a regular basis, you’re going to produce a lot more. And I’ll tell you men, these underwear make it reeeeal easy….

You get three gels packs, so when one warms up you simply pull it out and slip in another. This takes a grand total of about 5 seconds.

I’ve been getting my icing in easily and I can tell you now, this thing works.”

You can read the whole article here and learn more about the science of cooling on our special Testosterone page.

male fertility 2What success are you seeing from “manly cooling”? We’d love to hear about it. Please Contact Us.

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